The Basel Committee has published a new report on the progress towards a full, timely and consistent implementation of Basel 3. The report not only discusses the delays in member jurisdictions adoption of final rules to incorporate Basel 3 to their regulatory frameworks, but also covers:

  • the efforts to strengthen capital ratios and meet in advance the 2019 fully-phased-in requirements;
  • the need for sound supervisory and industry practices along with rigorous enforcement to achieve effective implementation of Basel 3;
  • the forthcoming evaluation of regulation adopted in Australia, Brazil and Canada, which will be followed by new assessments of EU and US once their final regulations are adopted; and
  • consistency of regulatory effects on banks, particularly in relation to the Basel Committee’s work on asset risk weighting, which could lead to a tightening of risk models’ use and their supervisory approval.

(Source: Report to G20 on Monitoring Implementation of Basel 3 Regulatory Reform)