According to the Federal Law No. 139-FZ “Ratification of the Convention on Paid Vacation”, Russia has acceded to the International Labor Organization’s Convention No. 132 “Paid Vacation” as of June 24, 1970. Although no major changes will be made as a result of this, the Convention will clarify current Labor Code and practice.

For example, the “Paid Vacation” Convention resolves the longstanding issue regarding whether an employee is entitled to a year’s vacation allowance (28 calendar days) or only part of it (14 calendar days), after six months of work. The Convention states that an employee should be granted vacation in proportion to the time he/she has worked for the employer. The Labor Code currently does not deal with this issue, and so the Convention will provide welcome clarification.

Russia is continuing to develop its labor law system, which is still significantly influenced by regulations originating from the Soviet era. Acceding to the “Paid Vacation” Convention is another step on the way to creating a regime that provides protection for employees while bringing regulation of labor relations in Russia closer to international standards.