In this edition of the Privacy Primer, we will focus on the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

What are the privacy principles

The APPs are 13 broadly expressed principles which govern the life cycle of personal information in the hands of organisations and Commonwealth Government agencies – from the initial gathering of the personal information, its continued use, storage and eventual destruction.  The APPs will be a legally binding and important part of the Privacy Act.  They will come into force in March 2014.

What has changed

The APPs replace both the National Privacy Principles( which currently apply to businesses and non-government organisations) and the Information Privacy Principles (which currently apply to Commonwealth Government Departments and Agencies).

The APPs will fundamentally change the way businesses will deal with personal information.  It is therefore very important to prepare before they come into effect.The table below contrasts the current National Privacy Principles with the new APPs providing an easy reference guide to the key changes.

Click here to view table.

In future editions, we will explore some of the specific effects of the changes -  such as increased restrictions on direct marketing - and the new requirements - such as the requirement to have an up-to-date privacy policy and related compliance plan..

What you need to do

Stay tuned for edition 3 dealing with Repayment History information, and be prepared to make changes!