Takeda America Holdings, Inc. has reportedly acquired Envoy Therapeutics, Inc. in a deal worth $140 million, including an up-front payment and progressdependent milestone payments. Envoy has developed technologies to label and extract protein-making components of specific types of cells, deemed particularly useful in treating diseases of the central nervous system (CNS). The deal provides Takeda with Envoy’s proprietary bacTRAP technology® and its pre-clinical CNS assets including programs to address Parkinson’s disease and cognitive impairment associated with Schizophrenia. According to a Takeda news release, Envoy’s bacTRAP technology®, know-how, materials, data, and analytic techniques will enable “the identification of novel targets expressed in disease-relevant cell populations.” Most of Envoy’s personnel will transfer from Jupiter, Florida, to Takeda’s San Diego facility in March 2013. See Takeda Press Release, November 6, 2012.