From 6 April 2010, claimants in England and Wales whose employment tribunal awards of compensation remain unpaid will be able to take advantage of a new, simpler scheme for enforcing their award against the respondent. Under the new Employment Tribunal Fast Track Scheme, successful claimants can refer the unpaid awards to High Court Enforcement Officers. Payment of £50 is required from the claimant, however this can be added to the amount recovered from the respondent.

The scheme applies in England and Wales only and has not been extended to Scotland. Claimants in Scotland who wish to enforce a judgement for compensation awarded by an employment tribunal must first apply to the Secretary of the Tribunals, who will issue a certificate of judgement. The certificate must then be sent to the sheriff court with instructions to take such steps as may be appropriate to enforce the order. Fees payable in the enforcement process vary and will depend on the size of the award being enforced as well as the type of enforcement action being taken.