On July 16, Premier Li Keqiang presided over a forum on economic situation to listen to the views and suggestions of experts and business leaders. Li said from the perspective of domestic and international practices, there is an objective necessity for a certain fluctuation in the economic operation. The main purpose of macro-control is to avoid sharp fluctuations in economic growth and keep the economic operation in a reasonable range. The "floor" is to stabilize growth and ensure employment ratio, and the "ceiling" is to prevent inflation. We must accomplish the main tasks of annual economic and social development this year as determined at the central economic work conference. Li stressed to grasp the reasonable range and policy framework and must make macro-control more scientific, predictable and targeted. We should neither change policy orientation due to temporary change in economic indicators, thereby affecting the hard-won structural adjustment opportunities and achievements, nor lack vigilance and preparedness against possibility for economy operation to be out of a reasonable range or undergo sharp fluctuations.