The Government recently issued various regulations that will underpin the expected 2012 “automatic enrolment” regime (for background please see our briefing from September 2009, but note that there have been a number of updates since this briefing was published).

The following have been laid before Parliament:

  • regulations setting out the dates from which the automatic enrolment duties will apply to different employers (the first date is 1 October 2012 for employers with 120,000 or more PAYE employees, but smaller employers will be phased-in later);
  • draft regulations which set out employers’ obligations under the regime (eg providing “enrolment” information to jobholders, automatically enrolling jobholders and refunding contributions for jobholders who opt-out); and
  • a number of regulations which set up the National Employment Savings Trust Corporation (NEST) (formerly known as the Personal Accounts scheme).

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has also published draft rules setting out the quality requirement that an employer’s hybrid schemes will need to satisfy, where they intend it to be used as an alternative to the NEST.

For further information see the DWP’s website.