On November 16 2015 Brazil and Norway signed a memorandum of understanding in order to expand and enhance their cooperation in relation to maritime transport.

The memorandum lists the following areas of maritime transport as areas for cooperation:

  • international maritime transport;
  • port support services;
  • offshore support services;
  • maritime transport auxiliary services;
  • vessel charters; and
  • any other areas agreed by the parties.

According to the memorandum, cooperation between the countries will be achieved through:

  • an exchange of information, expertise and best practices;
  • provision of technical and administrative cooperation;
  • capacity building and training;
  • development of joint projects; and
  • facilitated cooperation between companies and organisations of both countries.

The establishment of a coordination committee has already been scheduled. This committee will meet regularly to define future activities and evaluate the progress and results of the memorandum. The Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Transport, the Navy and the National Agency for Waterway Transportation will act as the Brazilian representatives in the coordination committee.

The memorandum came into force as of its date of signature and will remain in force until further notice. It can be terminated at any time as long as six months' prior notice is provided.

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