A White House memorandum on federal fleet performance requires that all new light-duty vehicles purchased by the federal government be powered by alternative fuels. Alternative fuel vehicles include hybrid or electric vehicles or those that run on compressed natural gas or biofuels.

In conjunction with the May 24, 2011, memorandum, the General Services Administration (GSA) announced a pilot program to incorporate electric vehicles into the federal fleet. The agency also announced that it had already purchased 116 electric vehicles that will be leased to 20 agencies.

In addition, GSA announced plans to install electric-vehicle charging stations at federal buildings in Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. The memorandum follows Executive Order No. 13,514 issued in October 2009 that required a 30-percent reduction in vehicle fleet petroleum use by 2020 and ordered federal agencies to set GHG emissions reduction targets for 2020.