The USPTO Director David Kappos signed a new final rule rescinding the 2007 Patent Regulations Package previously proposed by the Bush Administration. The USPTO also announced that it would be filing a motion to dismiss the currently pending Tafas v. Doll lawsuit, which was initially brought in the Eastern District of Virginia by inventor Triantafyllos Tafas and GlaxoSmithKline to prevent the rules from taking effect. In justifying the reasons for withdrawing the highly unpopular regulations, Kappos stated that “the USPTO should incentivize innovation, develop rules that are responsive to its applicants’ needs and help bring their products and services to market.” Kappos further noted that “this course of action represents the most efficient way to formally and permanently move on from these regulations and work with the IP community on new ways to take on the challenges these regulations were originally designed to address.”

The Tafas v. Doll decision has been previously reported on the blog here.