The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has provisionally accepted an agreement with Williams-Sonoma, Inc. requiring that the company pay a nearly $1 million civil penalty for failing to report immediately “a defect involving Pottery Barn wooden hammock stands.” The company, which neither admits nor denies CPSC’s allegations, has also apparently agreed to “maintain and enforce a system of internal controls and procedures” ensuring that it will comply with its reporting obligations. The product at issue was sold nationwide for about five years; CPSC staff alleged that the stands could deteriorate and break when used over time outdoors.

Williams-Sonoma first filed its full report to the commission in September 2008 despite apparently knowing for some time about numerous incidents involving the hammocks, “including 12 reports of injuries requiring medical attention for lacerations, neck and back pain, bruising, and one incident involving fractured ribs.” See CPSC New Release, May 6, 2013.