Oil and gas services provider Halliburton has opened an investigation into payments made by operations in Angola and Iraq. The potentially problematic payments were made to third-party agents for customs clearance and visa issues.

Halliburton told the SEC and DOJ earlier this year that it opened the investigation into the possible FCPA violations. On July 27, 2012, Halliburton filed its 10Q with the SEC, stating that it is “conducting internal investigations of certain areas of our operations in Angola and Iraq, focusing on compliance with certain company policies, including our Code of Business conduct (COBC), and the FCPA and other applicable laws.”

Previously, Halliburton had received, in December 2010, an anonymous email alleging that certain personnel had violated Halliburton’s COBC and the FCPA, mainly through use of an Angolan vendor. It had been investigating those allegations and voluntarily producing documents to both the SEC and DOJ. It then began investigating the most recent allegations, regarding payments made to third-party agents relating to customs matters and visa matters in Angola and Iraq, according to the 10Q.