Offit Kurman co-founder Maurice Offit is more than a member of the firm’s leadership team. He is also an experienced estate planning attorney who advises clients on estate administration and asset protection matters, helping clients minimize their taxes and claims by creditors. Over the years, his thorough, client-first perspective has earned him recognition as a trusted voice in estate planning, and he regularly lectures about the topic at industry gatherings and for business development groups.

Recently, Vistage invited Mr. Offit to give a presentation on asset protection planning for one of its Maryland regional groups. Vistage is a peer coaching organization for CEOs and owners of small- and mid-sized businesses around the world. Mr. Offit spoke to a small gathering of these executives about topics such as insurance politics, business structures, asset protection trusts, and more.

Whether you are an organizational leader yourself or simply in need of guidance on asset protection, you are guaranteed to find valuable takeaways in the following videos. Watch a selection of Mr. Offit’s Vistage presentation below:

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