In 2018, the total value of import and export of IP royalties exceeded $35 billion; patent and trademark pledge financing reached 122.4 billion yuan, up 12.3%; among them, the amount of patent pledge financing reached 88.5 billion yuan (up 23%), benefited from 5,408 projects (up 29%), according to data recently released by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). China's IP utilization efficiency has been drastically improved due to a series of exploratory measures in integrating IP into economic development.

"In recent years, relevant departments of CNIPA have effectively promoted the building of four-in-one IP operation and service system featuring a combination of platform, institution, capital and industry, playing an important supporting role in strengthening IP utilization and promoting IP transfer and commercialization," said Zhao Meisheng, Deputy Director General of Utilization Promotion Department of CNIPA, adding that 2018 saw an continuous improvement and systematization of IP operation and service system.

In terms of platform building, the National IP Operation and Public Service Platform released nearly 20,000 projects in 2018. The Shanghai IP International Operation Pilot Platform was smoothly launched. Special platforms such as the Wuhan Institutes of Higher Education Platform for IP Operation and Zhengzhou IP Transaction and Operation Platform were approved to be established. Solid progress has been made in the construction of the South IP Operation Center and the Automobile Industry Center for IP Investment and Operation.

In addition, another eight cities including Shenzhen conducted pilot work for the construction of IP operation and service system. All governments of pilot cities issued implementation plans and identified policy measures and capital arrangements. In the meantime, Notice of the Office of the National Intellectual Property Administration on Establishing a Monthly Information System for Promoting the Operation and Service of Intellectual Property Rights in a Market-Based Way was issued and a performance evaluation mechanism was initially established.

In 2018, the IP securitization and standardization product "First Entrepreneurship -Special Supporting Plan for Liberal Loan Assets (Phase I)" was successfully approved at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The underlying assets of the product were all subject to IPRs such as patents and copyrights. The total scale reached 733 million yuan; Hainan Province was entitled to reform IP securitization; the patent insurance mechanism and the loan model of SME trademarks were also included in the support innovation measures promoted by the State Council. The IP finance is in full swing.

Focusing on the IP utilization, in 2018, CNIPA also introduced certain measures for innovation and development of private enterprises in IP services, carried out pilot projects on the regional IP layout, deepened patent navigation, analysis and early warning, etc. IP connects to both innovation and market. China is embarking on a road of IP utilization with IP sharing mechanism as the link and IP operation platform as the carrier, effectively enhancing the contribution of IP to the country's economic and social development and providing a strong support for the construction of IP powerhouse.