Speaking on the launch of Brain Awareness Week last month, the Neurological Alliance fears that many individuals are not getting the help they need due to a lack of specialist neurological knowledge.

Leading health charities believe that without prompt investments and improvements neurological services will fail.

Arlene Wilkie, Chief Executive of the Neurological Alliance, comments:“Around one in six people in the UK will experience a neurological condition in their lifetime, yet little is being done to ensure that the NHS is fit for purpose when it comes to responding to these complex conditions……Neurology services have long suffered from a legacy of neglect. Too little investment in research and lack of knowledge about the brain has forced many people to fight titanic battles simply to gain the right diagnosis for their condition – a process which can sometimes take years.”

At Anthony Gold we understand the difficulties faced by many clients who have suffered from neurological conditions as a result of an accident.

I recently settled a claim for a client who suffered a head injury as a result of an accident at work in March 2010.

Medical evidence from a consultant neurologist concluded that my client sustained “no more than a concussive head injury”. There was no evidence of any post-traumatic amnesia or loss of consciousness. However, he observed that my client had “developed a devastating psychiatric complex which had a profound effect on her quality of life, her activities of daily living and her employment”.

I obtained a report from a consultant neuropsychiatrist who examined my client and noted that she was depressed and withdrawn. She lacked self confidence, experienced panic attacks and met the diagnostic criteria of a moderate depressive episode. My client attempted to return to work one week after her accident. However, she encountered difficulties reading reports and was no longer able to concentrate for long periods, she felt increasingly frustrated with her situation.

The compensation my client received following settlement of her claim allowed her to obtain the help she needed which assisted her in rebuilding her life and returning to work.