CFO Office: Management reporting

Management reporting involves collecting, collating and analyzing relevant financial and non-financial information, which is then provided to management to aid decision-making in running the business and in strategy implementation. Without accurate, up-to-date management reporting packages, it can be difficult for management and executives to make effective decisions. And importantly, we’re also seeing that often reporting can fall outside of a critical 10 day period after month end, which limits the usefulness of the information in addressing time sensitive issues.

As part of our CFO Office service, we work with you to design and develop robust, purpose-built reporting packages to capture detailed information about your organization, and then summarize it in succinct, actionable reports for your key stakeholders (e.g. business unit heads, executives, board of directors, etc.). The information captured typically includes financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs), trend analysis/commentary, and budget versus actual analysis.

As with all information, time is of the essence, so when developing these tools we work with your team to automate inputs wherever possible and design models so they’re easy to update and roll forward – with the goal being to reliably produce the revised information you need within 10 days of month end.