The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”) issued a February 1st Notice and Order to Abate Violations and Pay Administrative Penalties (“Order”) to Casa de Loco, LLC (“CDL”).

CDL is stated to own or operate a business near Camdenton, Missouri which is commonly known as Casa de Loco.

The CDL facility is described as a business offering “wine tasting, a food service operation for guests, a venue for wedding receptions and lodging.” Wastewater is stated to be generated by the business which discharges to a point source that consists of an above ground storage tank that is followed by approximately 60 feet of perforated pipe that was installed below grade.

DNR staff is stated to have conducted a compliance evaluation inspection at the CDL facility on November 4, 2014 and observed wastewater discharging from a pipe connected to the tank and water seeping from the ground down gradient from the discharge. Samples were stated to have been collected which indicated that the discharge and seep contained water contaminants associated with domestic waste. E.coli levels in both samples were stated to be greater than 2,419.6 mpn/100ml. Ammonia as Nitrogen levels from the water discharging from the pipe and the seep were stated to be 6.12 mg/L and 4.63 mg/L, respectively.

A December 18th, 2014 follow up inspection by the DNR staff was stated to have been conducted and wastewater was observed discharging from a pipe connected to the tank and water seeping from two locations down gradient from discharge. As a result, DNR issued a Notice of Violation on January 12, 2015 alleging that CDL was operating a water contaminant or point source without a Missouri State Operating Permit (“Permit”).

DNR is stated to have sent correspondence to CDL describing the violation and offering to resolve it through a negotiated agreement.

The February 1st Order is stated to have been issued to compel compliance and/or to prevent or eliminate threats to the environment. A violation of the Missouri Clean Water Law and its implementing regulations are alleged and described as follows:

Since August 11, 2014, the Respondents operated, used or maintained a point source which intermittently discharges to a tributary to Weaver Creek, waters of the state, without a Permit, in violations of Sections 644.051.2 and 644.076.1, RSMo, and 10 CSR 20-6.010(1)(A) and (5)(A).

The Order identifies a number of corrective actions which must be undertaken by CDL within set periods of time addressing the wastewater discharge.

A civil penalty of $8,914 is assessed.

A copy of the Order can be downloaded here.