On October 23, the United Auto Workers' Local 42 filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to represent a bargaining unit of skilled trades workers at Volkswagen's Chattanooga production facility. After the UAW lost an election in a wall-to-wall unit last year, it established Local 42 and under a policy announced by VW last year sought certain discussion and access rights at the facility. The attempt at organizing the skilled trades bargaining unit, what some might call an example of a "micro-unit" now permitted under the NLRB’s Specialty Healthcare decision, may allow the UAW to gain a beachhead in the plant. The UAW has asserted that it wants to have a European-style works council, with workers and management determining corporate policies. How VW responds to the UAW campaign will be worth watching, as there has been a shakeup at the top of VW and its North American management as a result of the diesel engine scandal, which some commentators say threatens VW’s future as an independent car manufacturer.