For most somewhat technologically adept members of society, the use of text messages to conduct business has become somewhat common.  It is an easy and quick means of communication.  It is often viewed more informally than an email or other written correspondence.  Putting aside all the standard warnings about the use of text messages for business purposes, HR personnel must now be wary of other more scary concerns. 

A human resources manager in the Chicago area recently reported receiving nude selfies from an applicant after making a conditional offer of employment to the individual.  As the story goes, the man indicated they were accidentally sent to the wrong person.  This does highlight the danger of using text messaging for official workplace communications.  My guess is the HR manager and the candidate had exchanged relevant work-related texts.  This led to the candidate confusing the phone numbers when sending his photos.

So next time you pick up your phone and contemplate texting someone about work-related issues, think twice.  Maybe it would be a better idea to send an email instead.