At the 8 September meeting of the European Parliament's ITRE committee, MEPs considered a resolution supporting the Commission on network neutrality, saying there is no need for action now and cautioning against individual Member State moves. The resolution, drafted by German MEP Herbert Reul (ITRE Chairman), "[n]otes that based on the present analysis there is no clear need for additional regulatory intervention on net neutrality." Further, it calls on the Member States to ensure consistency and emphasizes that any solution proposed on the issue of net neutrality should ensure a common European approach. The EP is preparing a set of questions to the Council, however, asking for Member States opinion of the impact of the 2009 amendments to the regulatory framework on ensuring network neutrality and how the Council plans to ensure a common EU approach. For the resolution, the committee members had until 16 September to propose changes. A total of 73 amendments were published a week later and are under consideration by the ITRE Committee.