On May 16 2012 the minister of energy and mineral resources issued Regulation 11/2012, which amends the obligation to refine minerals imposed under Regulation 7/2012 on Increasing Minerals' Added Value Through Mineral Processing and Refining Activities.

Regulation 11/2012 amends the provisions of Regulation 7/2012 concerning the requirement to refine certain raw minerals in the country. This new regulation relaxes the previous ban on miners exporting raw materials, ore and rocks. It allows holders of a production operation licence and a people's mining licence to sell their minerals abroad, provided that they first obtain the approval of the respective minister. Among other things, the requirements for approval include:

  • payment of all dues owed to the government;
  • submission of a working plan for mineral processing and purification in the country; and
  • signature of an integrity pact.

Regulation 11/2012 came into force on May 21 2012.

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