Social Investment Scotland’s ("SIS") mission is to connect capital with communities; making investments that make a real, measurable and sustainable impact on people’s lives.  Since 2001 SIS has been doing this by making loans and other repayable investments to community organisations and social enterprises that might find gaining access to finance from mainstream providers difficult.

As such SIS aims to bridge the gap between finance-seeking communities and social investors, actively aiming to provide social impacts all over Scotland. To date SIS has supported over 200 charities, community organisations and social enterprises, investing over £45m.

As part of the continued development of the organisation, SIS has recently embarked on the roll-out of a new five year strategy, called “A Framework for Growth”. This plan seeks to use SIS’s track record, experience and credibility as the foundation of an ambitious strategy which has a number of headline priorities including expanding SIS’s funding programmes to meet changing needs and expanding SIS’s leadership role to support growth in Scotland’s communities.

One of SIS’s key strengths is its staff, in terms of their friendly, helpful, responsive approach and the fact that they are seen to understand the third sector.  With a new Chairman and a refreshed and aspirational board, the CEO and the rest of the team are well placed to deliver this plan.

If you are interested in finding out more about SIS and the work they do, we recommend you read their 2012 Social Impact Report.