The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) announced in a June 26th news release asbestos abatement grants for the City of Arkadelphia and Howard County.

The awards are stated to include:

  • $13,500 for asbestos abatement activities at the former Howard County Hospital (grant to Howard County, Arkansas)
  • $92,503 for asbestos abatement activities at the former Clark County Hospital (grant to City of Arkadelphia)

The asbestos abatement program is stated to have been created to provide funding assistance to eligible cities and counties for the assessment, stabilization, and abatement activities for an eligible structure. It is further stated that projects selected to be funded must engage in the removal of friable asbestos materials from a city or county owned structure that has unexpectedly:

  • Collapsed
  • Is at eminent risk of collapsing
  • Has failed in its structural integrity

One hundred and fifty thousand dollars is stated to be available to be awarded to such projects each fiscal year.

A copy of the ADEQ news release can be downloaded here.