In September 2012, New Jersey Governor Christopher Christie signed a new law that will require New Jersey employers with 50 or more employees to post a notice in the workplace explaining each worker’s right to be free from gender discrimination in pay, compensation, and terms and conditions of employment. In a previous post, we outlined the details of this new law.

Although this law goes into effect in the end of November 2012, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has stated that employers do not need to comply with the law until the Commissioner of Labor issues the final form of the notice. This week the Department of Labor and Workforce Development posted an update explaining that before the final notice is issued, it will publish a notice of proposal in the New Jersey Register and on the Department of Labor and Workforce Development website containing the proposed form of notification. Following this notice of proposal, the public will have a 60-day period to provide comments about the proposed notice. After the 60-day period, the Commissioner of Labor will issue the final notice. It is only when the Commissioner publishes the final notice that employers will be required to comply with the new law.

The Department of Labor anticipates that it will take several months before a final notice is issued. Please review this blog regularly for updates on this rulemaking process.