An agreement on using information technology to exchange e-documents for trade was drawn up in 2010 (the “Agreement”). Under the Agreement, documenting information in electronic form comprises governmental and integrated components (i.e. cross-border). In the first case, the operator could be a governmental body, while, in the second case, the operator could be the Customs Union Commission.

The Agreement also specifies creating a special body, the Coordination Council, which, among other things, has the authority to coordinate the development and testing of the standard information and technology solutions, and of the hardware and software system; as well as to coordinate the preparation of the rules on documenting information in electronic form and unified security policy and the work regulations of separate components and services of the common infrastructure to document information in electronic form.

Ratification of the Agreement is expected to simplify trade and introduce rules to unify the circulation of electronic documents within the Customs Union.

[Federal Law No. 101-FZ “On Ratifying the Agreement on Applying Information Technology when Exchanging E-documents for International and Mutual Trade within the Unified Customs Territory of the Customs Union”, dated 10 July 2012]