In the last few months, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has demonstrated that it is intends to vigorously enforce India’s competition law, particularly when bid rigging is detected:

  • India’s antitrust authorities launched an investigation into claims that Google Inc.’s advertising operations were anticompetitive, following similar investigations opened by authorities in Argentina, Europe, South Korea, and the United States.
  • Last week, CCI imposed a 3.2 billion rupees ($60 million) fine against United Phosphorous, Excel Crop Care and Sandhya Organics for rigging bids on public contracts.
  • Two weeks ago, CCI fined ten explosive companies 600 million rupees ($114 million) for rigging bids on an auction run by a state-owned mining operation.
  • In February, the CCI imposed a 1.65 million rupees ($31,000) for rigging bids against a public oil and gas company.

In light of this heightened activity, firms doing business in India should initiate or redouble serious compliance trainings and efforts to ensure that all employees understand that there are real consequences for engaging in anticompetitive conduct.