Vermont Attorney General (AG) William Sorrell is inviting public comments on a draft rule intended to enforce the state’s new law requiring the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products. The proposed rule defines relevant terms such as “food,” “genetic engineering” and “in vitro nucleic acid techniques,” providing standards for retailers and food manufacturers about how to label and display the foods. In addition, the draft rule lists exemptions from the GMO-labeling requirement, including alcoholic beverages, food prepared for immediate consumption, medical food, and processed foods containing less than 1 percent genetically engineered materials. The AG’s office is accepting comments by email and at hearings set for October 21, 22 and 24, 2014, in Burlington, Montpelier and Brattleboro, Vermont. Additional information about the law appears in Issue 521 of this Update, and a recent development on the lawsuit challenging the law appears in Issue 540 of this Update. See Office of the Attorney General Press Release, October 15, 2014.