Summary and implications

Today, the various government departments and agencies involved in the delivery of CRC issued an interim update to stakeholders. This update does little to clarify how the policy is to be delivered.

The need for this update demonstrates the continued confusion amongst the relevant departments and agencies. This confusion has been perpetuated by recent unhelpful repeat communications to those expected to become participants. The Environment Agency, the agency responsible for the delivery of CRC in England & Wales, has failed to appropriately verify its information to date.

Affected organisations need only note that the timetable for CRC remains unaffected and qualification packs will be issued as planned in September 2009.

It will be necessary to complete qualification packs during the registration period from 1 April 2010 to 30 September 2010.

The Environment Agency will be seeking to pass down to the participant organisations almost all responsibility for getting CRC right.

The CRC policy and delivery remains confused. Fundamental points of approach raised through the consultation remain outstanding, including a redrafted statutory instrument.

The clock is ticking and businesses and other affected organisations need clarity as soon as possible so that they may positively respond to this policy. CRC is a key tool to deliver lower UK carbon emissions.

You have been warned – CRC is going to prove to be a muddle.

Further Details

Can be obtained from our briefing Carbon Reduction Commitment What does it mean for your group? which is available here.