Ottawa, Ontario


The Information Commissioner of Canada, Robert Marleau, announces that the Honourable Peter de C. Cory has accepted the mandate of ad hoc Information Commissioner.

On April 1, 2007, the Office of the Information Commissioner became subject to the Access to Information Act and is listed in Schedule I thereof. As a result, an alternative mechanism is required to deal with potential complaints against the Information Commissioner. The appointment of a former judge preserves the integrity and the independence of the process and ensures that all complaints are properly addressed.

The ad hoc Commissioner's mandate is to receive and independently investigate any complaints, referred to at section 30 of the Act, against the Information Commissioner arising from access requests made to the Information Commissioner's Office.

The ad hoc Information Commissioner is delegated the same functions and powers as the Information Commissioner with regard to conducting investigations and making recommendations.

The Honourable Peter de C. Cory, a former judge of the Supreme Court of Canada, is a distinguished international jurist. In addition, he has held various positions as commissioner, such as Commissioner to study the qualifications, salary and pensions of Military Judges and Commissioner to investigate the reasons for the wrongful conviction of Thomas Sophonow for murder and to fix the compensation payable to him arising from his wrongful conviction and imprisonment. In June 2004, the honourable Justice de C. Cory was appointed Chancellor of York University. He possesses the requisite expertise to accomplish the functions of ad hoc Commissioner.

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