The issue of child maintenance costs can be one of great friction when trying to establish a workable relationship after the breakdown of a marriage. It is for this reason the UAE courts have a system for calculating such a sum in order to ensure the child doesn’t suffer. While it will differ from case to case, here are the main points outlining what you can expect:

  • The court will consider the standard of living that the child or children experienced during the marriage to determine the appropriate level of child maintenance.
  • Child maintenance will cover all expenses required by the wife to care for the child or children. These may include rent of housing, schooling, medical expenses, and so on.
  • As part of the process, the wife claiming child maintenance would be required to provide documentary evidence of the expenses that her husband met for the child or children during the marriage.
  • The wife can also claim a monthly figure as a so-called ‘carer’s allowance’. This figure would be set by the court, and determined by the level of the husband’s income.