Yesterday the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, the “Italian DPA”) announced that, today, 28 privacy authorities across the world, members of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network, are going to conduct an audit of the apps and websites addressed to children in order to assess their compliance with applicable data protection laws.

As reported by the Italian DPA, this year audit (which follows the International Sweep Day 2014 as discussed here) will focus on whether apps and websites addressed to children collect personal data. If so the authorities will verify whether said collection is transparent and whether protective controls and authorization exist to limit or supervise the collection and the processing of the data.

The International Sweep day aims at increasing public and business awareness of privacy rights and responsibilities in particular with regard to apps and websites addressed to children, also because – as discussed in our recent post here – these apps and websites shall be treated with particular attention in light of the age of the data subject whose data are processed.

Any concern identified during today Sweep Day will result in a report setting out the possible actions to be taken by privacy authorities around the world.