A community support worker who left a disabled man unattended in a van she parked in her driveway for over 45 minutes has been found in breach of Rights 1, 4(2) and 4(3) of the Code. The Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner found that the support worker had been made aware of her responsibilities as outlined in the disability service provider's Code of Conduct, had been trained on how to treat service users appropriately, and knew that it was against policy to go home in the disability service provider's vehicle without prior authority and to leave a service user in her care unsupervised. The Deputy Commissioner concluded that the support worker's conduct "demonstrated a flagrant disregard for [the service user's] wellbeing", and referred her to the Director of Proceedings, who has decided to issue proceedings in the Human Rights Review Tribunal. The Deputy Commissioner also found that the disability service provider had taken reasonable steps to prevent the worker's actions, and commended the actions of the neighbouring family in reporting the abuse. 09HDC02149.