Mounting political pressure, a referral to the Competition Commission (CC) and widespread public concern has resulted in News Corporation (News Corp) dropping its bid to acquire BSkyB. Prior to the announcement abandoning the bid, Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (Secretary of State), was considering whether to refer News Corp’s acquisition of BSkyB to the CC for detailed investigation. The Secretary of State is entitled to intervene in mergers when public interest considerations, such as media plurality, are at issue. The Secretary of State’s intervention initially led to News Corp offering an undertaking to hive-off Sky News into a separate company to address the potential impact on medial plurality and to avoid a reference to the CC. Following phone hacking allegations and the subsequent closure of the News of the World newspaper company, News Corp withdrew its undertakings. On 11 July 2011, the Secretary of State announced the intention to refer the merger immediately to the CC for “further full and exhaustive consideration”. However, on 13 July 2011, News Corp announced that it was entirely dropping the planned acquisition.