Cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things are driving the growth of the As-A-Service economy – where customers can buy just about anything “on demand” as a service.

Business Outcomes Underpin Corporate Framework

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This is accompanied by new commercial models that can drive far greater flexibility and agility into business operations. And it is leading to a new kind of “outsourcing for the masses” – enabling both large and small businesses to acquire services “on demand” as inputs for business operations: 

  • All kinds of business functions and processes are being converted to As-A-Service – back-office functions, IT operations, production processes, supply chain management and customer-facing operations. 
  • Even the smallest business can acquire a bunch of specialised services to run its business operations – without having to make the usual up-front investment in facilities and resources required to perform those functions itself “on premises”.

This is substantially reducing the lead times and setup costs for new businesses. It is also increasing the pressure on legacy businesses to innovate and enhance their competitiveness.

And it is driving the development of entirely new commercial models. These are not just changes around the edges - they involve a significant shift away from traditional commercial models, and they require a change in mindset.