California Assembly Member Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) has announced plans to introduce an Assembly Constitutional Amendment seeking to revoke a sales tax exemption for “candy, chips, snack cakes and other processed snack items.” According to Garcia, who aims to put the measure before voters in 2018, the passage of a ballot proposition in 1992 repealed the tax on these items and categorized them as “Essential Food Items.”

“Removing the snack food tax exemption will generate close to $900 million per year, funding health services and programs to promote healthy eating [and] lifestyles, particularly for children and families living in poverty,” claims a March 11, 2016, press release, in which Garcia criticizes the food and beverage industry for allegedly backing the 1992 proposition. As she opines, “We’ve seen the results of the explosion of snack food consumption on our society and the negative health repercussions. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, tooth decay, these and so many other conditions are a directly attributable to the poor modern diet made up of high calorie, ultra-processed foods.”