Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Limited (BBIL) and Enterprise (AOL) Limited have been ordered to pay a total of £650k in fines and prosecution costs after a fatality on the A50 caused by roadworks under their control. William Collins was driving along the A50 at 4am when he failed to negotiate a bend at a road closure and struck a flat bed lorry owned by Enterprise which caused his death. The roadworks had been conducted by Enterprise under the management of BBIL.

The subsequent HSE investigation found that the traffic management system was inadequate as the road closure was not properly signposted, and Enterprise had failed to conduct a site specific risk assessment, relying on a generic assessment instead. BBIL was criticised for failing to monitor its subcontractors properly. The prosecution case was that correct action would have identified the inadequate risk assessment. BBIL was found guilty of breach of section 3(1) HSWA and fined £225k with £100k of prosecution costs. Enterprise was found guilty of the same offence, with the additional offence of Regulation 3(1)(b) Management of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 for the inadequate risk assessment and received the same penalty. Both companies have since lodged an appeal against their convictions.