As today's headlines show, there's yet more evidence that the competition authorities will stop at nothing to bring the perpetrators of anti-competitive behaviour to justice.

Yesterday saw four senior executives arraigned at the City of London Magistrates Court to face criminal charges of price-fixing. A trial by jury will now take place next year at Southwark Crown Court.

So too, the European Commission yesterday imposed record-breaking fines of almost €1.4 billion (£1.17 billion) on four car glass manufacturers for operating a cartel and sharing commercial secrets for five years. Wragge & Co's antitrust experts will shortly be issuing a more detailed analysis of the Commission's investigation.

Back in 2005, the Commission made a series of dawn raids at the premises of several car glass manufactures after receiving an anonymous tip-off. But despite the severity of the eventual fines, the companies' personnel escaped the aggressive tactic of having their domestic premises investigated by the authorities.

Both the European Commission and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) have the power to conduct searches on domestic premises under a warrant. So far, these powers have only been used once. With home working on the rise, be assured that personnel can be raided at home in the most serious of circumstances.

For practical tips on what to do if you work from home, some or all of the time, and the competition authorities come to call, read Wragge & Co's expert tips for action. It contains guidance on the powers of the OFT for searching domestic premises.