Argentina recently finalized a federal Do Not Call Registry statute, Law No. 26951 (available in Spanish), under which the national data protection authority (the National Directorate of Personal Data Protection) has until early November to put out implementing regulations. Individuals can register home phone numbers as well as cell phone numbers on the registry. Numbers on the registry cannot be called by those seeking to sell products or services, although the law does permit inter alia calls where the company and the individual have a pre-existing business relationship. The law initially was to have a two-year registration time frame (after which a consumer would need to re-register his or her number), as passed numbers remain on the list permanently. Until the implementing regulations are passed, questions remain about how companies can access and scrub again the Registry as well as how the law will be enforced. 

Tip: The new national Do Not Call Registry in Argentina is a reminder that like the U.S., many other jurisdictions have restrictions and requirements when making marketing calls to consumers. Companies engaging in global direct marketing activities should keep these requirements in mind.