A lottery conducted by the MDL Panel resulted in the selection of the Ninth Circuit to hear all the Petitions for Review of the Internet Freedom Order. The Ninth Circuit’s current schedule shows May 29 as the due date Petitioners’ and supporting intervenors’ opening briefs, with June 28 as the due date for the FCC’s response and supporting intervenors’ briefs. Petitioners and their intervenors may file an optional reply brief 28 days after the response briefs are served.

optional reply brief 28 days after the response briefs are served.

UPDATE: The group of petitioners who filed initially in the DC Circuit have moved to transfer the consolidated review proceedings from the Ninth to the D.C. Circuit “in the interest of continuity”  and to “ensure that ‘anomalous results’ from having a different circuit review a closely-related matter will be avoided.” Specifically, “this case is the fourth, ‘follow-on’ phase in the review of the Federal Communications Commission’s ‘network neutrality’ actions; all prior phases have been adjudicated by the D.C. Circuit.”

It may be that petitioners believe the DC Circuit would be more inclined to vacate the current Internet Freedom order: “The [Internet Freedom] Order largely repeals the 2015 rules—in doing so, the Order grapples with, and attempts to account for, the D.C. Circuit’s decisions in ComcastVerizon, and USTA, citing those opinions no less than forty-seven times. In other words, this is a case where essentially the same parties are seeking review of the same essential issues that have arisen in multiple inter-related proceedings.”

The two petitioners who filed initially in the Ninth Circuit did not join in the request but “do not object” to transfer to the DC Circuit. The FCC also does not object.