On Friday 16th November, the Public Hearing of the Inquiry into Queensland’s Agriculture and Resource Industries was held at Queensland Parliament.

As reported in our previously update (link to update), one of the main aims of the inquiry is to investigate the ways in which regulatory requirements in Agriculture and Resources Industries can be reduced or simplified.   The hearing was scheduled to occur on 19 September 2012, but was later rescheduled to November.

The Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee (Committee) heard submissions from a number of interested parties and stakeholders included Queensland Resources Council, Canegrowers, Agforce Qld, Queensland Farmers’ Federation and Growcom.

Holding Redlich attended the public inquiry and spoke with the one of the committee’s members, Mr Ian Rickuss, Member of Parliament for the Lockyer electorate, who said that he did believe there was room to tidy up some of the regulation in agriculture and resource industries.

One key message that came out of the parties’ submissions is the need for a more transparent set of regulations to enable individuals and companies to better understand and plan for the regulatory requirements and restrictions affecting their business. 

The committee is to report to the Legislative Assembly by 30 November 2012 on their findings following the public hearing.  We will update you on the Committee’s report at that time.