On May 31, the FDIC announced enforcement actions against a California bank and an affiliated service provider for alleged unfair and deceptive practices in the marketing and servicing of a prepaid reloadable MasterCard. According to the FDIC, the service provider’s website contained a number of misrepresentations while omitting other information. Specifically, the FDIC claimed that the firm deceptively advertised free online bill pay, promoted features that were not available to cardholders, and charged fees that were not clearly disclosed. Additionally, the service provider’s ACH error resolution procedures imposed additional, undisclosed requirements on card holders. Neither the bank nor the service provider admitted the allegations, but they agreed to establish a restitution fund of approximately $1.1 million for over 64,000 card holders, and pay civil money penalties of $600,000 and $110,000, respectively. The consent orders (i) direct both entities not to engage in further violations of law, (ii) establish specific corrective actions, and (iii) require enhanced compliance management systems and periodic reporting to the FDIC. The bank is further required to strengthen its oversight of third parties.