By: Karmen Fox, web content editor of ACC Docket.

2017 was an eventful year for legal departments. From cyber attacks to natural disasters - several news stories demanded risk management. Thankfully, that’s where ACC members excel. These are the top 10 lessons in-house counsel have learned this past year to help protect their company and grow in their careers

Work etiquette

Workplaces have several unspoken rules, and, unfortunately, not all are followed. For example, though it might seem like common sense not to hit “Reply all” in an email thread to a dozen people, it’s one of many email rules that coworkers unwittingly forget. Of course, there are also office faux pas that happen offline. Make it your 2018 resolution to have more productive meetings and less chaotic conference calls. Your coworkers will thank you.

Sexual harassment prevention

One of the biggest stories to break this year was the New York Times article that revealed that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has allegedly sexual harassed and assaulted more than 50 women Since then, more powerful men have been accused of sexual harassment or assault, and have often resigned or been fired as a result. To prevent a sexual harassment scandal from arising at your company, in-house counsel must build a welcoming work culture. Otherwise, your company could face a hefty lawsuit and a tarnished public image.


In 2017 ACC began the “Seat at the Table” initiative to help general counsel leverage their leadership skills. That way, they can join the ranks of their company’s C-suite or board. With this influence, general counsel can ensure that their business complies with regulations and adapts to change that the public demands.


Thanks to globalization and the connectivity of the Internet of Things, expanding businesses internationally has never been easier. Nevertheless, challenges are often unavoidable while managing across the globe. But whether it’s mitigating risk or conducting internal investigations, general counsel can overcome those obstacles with the help of a talented and reliable team.

Disaster preparation

After the Atlantic was battered by six major hurricanes and the United States was ravaged by five large wildfires, it became abundantly clear that general counsel must have a comprehensive natural disaster plan in place. The better prepared a company is for an impending storm or disaster, the sooner it can rebound from any physical damage or revenue lost.

General Data Protection Regulation

2018 is almost here, and as many privacy experts and in-house counsel are aware, that means the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will soon be implemented. If you haven’t begun preparing your company for the new regulations, there’s still time. Here are a few things to keep in mind before May 28 arrives.

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