Two horse owners have filed a lawsuit against Archer Daniels Midland Co. alleging feed produced by its subsidiary, ADM Alliance Nutrition, was contaminated with monensin, a cattle-feed additive poisonous to horses. Berarov v. Archer Daniels Midland Co., No. 16-7355 (N.D. Ill., filed July 19, 2016).

The plaintiffs argue that ADM knowingly manufactured cattle feed containing monensin in the same facility as its horse feed and supplement production, resulting in cross-contamination between the two. The complaint details the effects of monensin on horses, including equine heart failure and other major organ damage, which the plaintiffs argue can occur with doses as low as 1.38 mg/kg of body weight. In a statement, ADM disputed this toxicity level, arguing that a horse can safely consumer 9.5 mg/kg of body mass, according to the complaint. For allegations of negligent misrepresentation, strict product liability, unjust enrichment, breach of warranties and violations of Illinois consumer- protection laws, the plaintiffs seek class certification, an injunction, a corrective advertising campaign, changes to ADM’s manufacturing process, restitution and damages.