Thinking about what might happen to your money and assets if you separate or divorce when planning your wedding may seem unromantic but it is as sensible as making sure you have a Will in place in contemplation of your marriage/or you have insurance.

It is not the preserve of the rich but commonly used by many to protect hard earned assets including pensions they had before the relationship.

A pre-nuptial agreement is a legal document between a couple who intend to marry that sets out what would happen to their assets if they divorce.

It helps:

  1. to provide certainty – to avoid a future legal challenge;
  2. to protect – property or assets (including pensions) one or both may have built up before their relationship;
  3. to protect future inheritance or gifts.

Provided both people enter the agreement voluntarily, with no pressure involved, understanding its implications and it is fair at the time of the divorce then it’s likely the court will uphold it.