Whether you are facing an entirely unjustified complaint or a situation where something has unfortunately gone wrong, it is crucial to make sure that the complaint is dealt with properly.  No professional wants to inflame what is already likely to be a difficult situation and certainly  the last thing you want is to defend a spurious complaint only to be reprimanded for the way in  which the matter was handled.

With the rise of the Ombudsman schemes and the increasing cost of litigation, numbers of formal  complaints are only expected to rise and to affect more professional firms on a more frequent  basis. Therefore, it is increasingly relevant for firms to become familiar with the process of  handling complaints and better equipped to deal with them. Any failure or inability to do so will  simply increase the prospect of formal claims, the scope and extent of notifications to insurers  and ultimately the all-important bottom line.

In the event that issues do arise, or things go wrong, here are our top 10 tips for getting the  complaints process right in order to achieve a good, rather than a disastrous, outcome.

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