The European Commission has updated its Questions and Answers paper on the Payments Services Directive (PSD). The answers to questions on the following issues have been provided:  

  • Article 4(15) PSD: Private currencies (question 164).
  • Articles 36(2) and 42(3)(b)-(c) PSD: Information requirements relating to exchange and reference rates (question 174).
  • Article 45 PSD: Payment service providers' termination rights in the event of default (question 173).
  • Article 52(3) PSD: Compatibility of the non-discrimination rule of card providers with surcharging (question 167).
  • Article 64(2) PSD: The point of time of receipt in relation to direct debits (question 165).
  • Article 74 PSD: Correction of payments with incorrect details (question 168).  

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