Wragge & Co has been given a first viewing of the Sponsorship Management System and are now able to guide you through the system, giving you training on how to apply for Certificates of Sponsorship (COS).

Home Page:

  • Administration
  • View COS
  • Prepare COS
  • Management System: this is where you go to enable you to keep your reporting duties up to date
  • Payment notes: If you pay by cheque for each certificate, a payment note is issued and here you view receipts.


This relates to the sponsorship and user details and is where Level 1 users can add or remove other users and amend details relating to the Sponsor Company.

View Certificates of Sponsorship

This will provide a summary screen showing a table of all the COS's applicable to your company. They will show the status of each COS, for example if you have partially completed a certificate, however you need further information and have just saved up to that point, it will state 'work in progress'. There will be various status reports within that table depending on how far you have processed each certificate.

This section also shows how many COS have been assigned and how many the employer has left to assign.

Prepare Certificates of Sponsorship

This screen is used to initiate new certificates of sponsorship or to amend a particular application for certificates of sponsorship under Tiers 2 and 5.

Please see the flow chart which gives a rough idea of screens that appear when an application for a COS is processed.


This is where to adhere to sponsorship duties. There will be a drop down screen with a number of options as to what the employer wishes to report. Here is where live COS certificates (i.e. ones which have been assigned) can be withdrawn (although this may not be available on the first release of the IT system, but should be available by the second release next year) and migrant activity can be recorded.

Payment notes

This screen is where all payment notes are listed. Payment notes will be generated if payment is made by cheque. This is a form of receipt for cheques which are awaiting clearance. If the employer has opted to pay for the COS electronically, a receipt will be generated from WOLRDPAY (UKBA's financial partner) which should be kept.

We hope to receive a CD and manual prior to the system going live and are happy to come out and provide training and give a demonstration of this CD if you require.

Key Notes

The following notes are being considered by the Home Office for implementation, although nothing is concrete at present:

  • An 'A' rated sponsor can provide a letter of undertaking to its potential employee stating that it will be responsible for the maintenance funds requirement. However, this only applies to the worker and NOT to any dependents accompanying the worker. It does not apply where the Sponsor has only received a 'B' rating.
  • The Sponsorship Maintenance System will be available 24/7 (aside from when the UKBA have to carry out maintenance, which will be advised on their website).
  • The fees per certificate are £170