The multifaceted discussion on network access storage services for television programs took a step forward, when key Finnish broadcasting companies, telecommunications operators, and collective management organizations published a jointly-crafted proposal for offering TV-program storage services to their customers. The suggested model would clarify the rights and responsibilities of the industry players.

According to the proposal, service providers may offer network access storage services for TV-programs to customers provided that proper licenses from collective licensing organizations are acquired and that the service providers enter into distribution agreements with TV-broadcasters. From the customers’ perspective, the most important change to the prevailing state-of-affairs would be that television commercials could no longer be fast-forwarded when using network access services. This change would also grant the television broadcasters their fair share of the advertizing revenues.

In order to implement the proposed changes, a new contractual license scheme needs be introduced to the Copyright Act (1961/404). The proposal can also be seen as a part of the broader reform of the Finnish Copyright Act.