pro se plaintiff brought an action against defendant Delta Airlines, Inc. ("Delta") arising out of the shipment of two adult and ten puppy French bulldogs from Budapest, Hungary to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Upon arrival, the adult dog was dead and approximately three months later, two puppies died.  The remaining eight puppies were alleged to have permanent health problems.  Plaintiff brought various state law claims against the defendant, including breach of contract, deceptive advertising and consumer sale practices, failure to disclose, and the breach of good faith and fair dealing.  The Court granted Delta's motion to dismiss the complaint, finding that the Montreal Convention preempted plaintiff's state law claims and that the claims were time-barred by the Convention's two-year limitation period.  The Court did not accept plaintiff's arguments that the Convention did not preempt claims for willful and intentional misconduct, that the claims involved a separate incident from the DOT Consent Order—Advertising Violation—Ticket Agent Websitecarriage, and that the dogs should be considered passengers.  Burgett v. Delta Airlines, Inc., 2015 WL 1057870 (D. Utah March 10, 2015).