The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued its “Strategic Plan for Regulatory Science,” a document deemed to be the agency’s “blueprint for overhauling the science it uses to develop and evaluate food, medicines, and medical devices.” In a section underscoring the agency’s emphasis on food safety, the document focuses on prevention and risk-based priorities required by the Food Safety Modernization Act.

“To effectively implement this new food safety mandate, it is imperative that FDA ensures a strong science infrastructure, clearly identifies its research needs, and collaborates with other public health and research agencies in the [f]ederal government, state government agencies, academia, and private industry,” states the document, which details FDA’s Regulatory Science Initiative outlined in October 2010.

Regarding food science, FDA plans to (i) “[e]stablish and implement centralized planning and performance measurement processes,” (ii) “[i]mprove information sharing internally and externally,” (iii) “[m]aintain mission critical science capabilities,” and (iv) “[c]ultivate expert institutional knowledge.” The agency intends to involve stakeholders from the private sector in accomplishing its plan.